Is work-life balance part of your corporate culture?

June 6th 2017 |

The massive influx of women on the labour market has triggered major changes in the family structure. Quebec families have had to redefine the parental roles, and despite everything, considerable challenges in terms of the work-family balance are still present. The number of magazine articles and blog posts dedicated to personal organization, time management, and […]

The Good Side of Gossip

February 16th 2017 |

Although most people do not like to consider themselves as gossips, they have probably engaged in gossip at some point in their life. While the term gossip has developed a negative connotation in our culture, at its core it simply refers to conversations about a person who is not present. For employers with employees sharing […]

Be Innovative, but Stay True to Yourself!

January 19th 2017 | |

Toblerone chocolate bars recently caused uproar in the United Kingdom when they changed the shape of their famous bar! Their reason for the shrinkage? The company explained, “[…] like many other companies, we are experiencing higher costs for numerous ingredients.”1 That being said, every company must be successful, and every company feels pressure to find […]

An Innovative Way to Increase Work Productivity

January 10th 2017 |

Numerous studies have demonstrated the importance of getting the right amount of sleep in order to function at an optimal level. Inadequate amounts of sleep have been associated with a wide range of health disorders. There is no arguing that the negative effects of sleep deprivation on the brain and the body are profound. We […]

An Interview with Linda Sabourin on HR Management

October 31st 2016 |

Linda Sabourin has several years of experience in a strategic advisory role for both human resources management and career management. She offers services related to the assessment and development of human potential, including: management/career coaching, management skills development training programs, assessment of potential (psychometric testing), career transitions, and organizational development. Her clients include individuals, SMEs, […]

Employee Engagement: What Difference does it Make?

October 24th 2016 | |

Everyone has had an enthusiastic colleague or friend, who was excited by the challenges of his or her position, and imagined working towards a brilliant career with his or her employer, but who, after a few months or even years, admits being completely disillusioned, admits to doing only the bare minimum, and to even considering […]

Today’s Leadership: An Interview with Pierre Nelis, Business Advisor

October 6th 2016 |

Pierre Nelis, Business Consultant, has on-the-ground company experience on everything dealing with business strategies and tactics, marketing and development. Prior to being part of the Inno-centre team, Pierre gained experience with a variety of engineering consultancies, including Tecsult, the Noranda Group and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals. His wide-ranging trajectory led him to Softimage, a pioneer in […]

Employee Retention ­ How Do We Find and Keep the Good Ones?

September 29th 2016 |

It has been discussed many times: today’s generation consists of what some might call ‘nomadic’ employees. The average employee today will change careers or jobs between five to seven times over the course of their working life. Considering the investment that is put into finding, hiring, and training each new employee, it might be a […]

The Power of Diversity!

August 10th 2016 | |

The concept of diversity in the workplace is more apparent within our organizations than ever. It both enriches and challenges work teams. It also sometimes challenges managers in their management of human resources. But what do we mean when we say diversity? Is it a fad, or is it really an issue for organizations? From an […]

Making the Most of Shared Workspaces

July 5th 2016 |

When being told that the office is switching over the shared workspaces, we are often told the same things: “It will encourage collaboration! It will promote learning! It’s going to foster our organizational culture!” The whole while, most people are thinking: “There goes my peace and quiet.” Regardless of how we feel, it is our […]