The structured Interview – Part 2

April 28th 2015 |

Why is a structured interview your best choice? This is the second article of a three-part series that provides an overview of the structured interview. This article will discuss why the structured interview is a crucial step of your hiring process. In previous blogs and newsletter articles we’ve touted the benefits of using a structured […]

The Structured Interview – Part 1

April 15th 2015 |

Structured Interviews This is the first article of a three-part series that overview of the structured interview. The articles will discuss what the structured interview is, why you should use it and how it can prevent bias.   You’re great at reading people, so when it comes time to hire a new employee you know […]

Are you a young female professional? Check this out!

March 19th 2015 |

This blog is for all the young women professionals out there, trying to succeed, working hard and making changes in their workplaces and communities. Sometimes careers are rolling along smoothly, and other times there are unsuspecting roadblocks.   Unfortunately, even though it’s 2014, undeniably some of those career challenges can be attributed to your gender. […]

Flashlight or Spotlight = Assessment product or Assessment solution

February 10th 2015 |

Imagine this- you’re trying to find something important that’s small and hidden in the dark.  You might even have a deadline to find that small important thing. Would you rather use a small flashlight or big spotlight in your search? Definitely a spotlight! Evaluation of individuals in a workplace context works the same way. Whether […]

People with Physical Disabilities: An Untapped Resource?

August 18th 2014 |

As we move forward in the 21st century, workplaces are becoming more and more diverse, be it in terms of culture, religion or gender.  This is in part in response to legal regulations such as Employment Equity in Canada, but also through an improved understanding of the benefits of having employees from a variety of […]

‘Tis the season

August 1st 2014 |

Think like an athlete, become more engaged!     With the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the FIFA World Cup having come to an end, 2013/2014 has been a big year for sports. In particular, Ottawa has had the chance to host many well-known events including the IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championships last spring and […]

The Importance of Person-Organization Fit in Hiring

July 24th 2014 |

A survey1 conducted with the help of LinkedIn HR shows that employee commitment to the organization and the identification of talented individuals are two of the greatest concerns for HR specialists today. These results are not particularly surprising, given that commitment to an employer affects a number of important variables at the individual level, such as […]

Assessing Talent: Quebec’s Example

July 7th 2014 |

Published on June 11 by FocusRH, a French journal specialising in human ressources, the below article is based on an interview with André Durivage pertaining to the assessment of talent in Quebec. To access the article (available in French only), please click on the link below:

Benefits of Integrated Solutions

February 25th 2014 |

There can no longer be any doubt today that the quality of an organization’s staff has a crucial impact on its productivity, profitability and services. Because the personnel of an organization have become a key asset for organizations, those in charge of staff recruitment, now more than ever, need to be able to identify the […]

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency Adopts a New HR Approach

January 15th 2014 |

This week’s blog post pertains to the new HR approach adopted by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. EPSI is glad to have been involved in the development and implementation of this approach, which is at the forefront in recruitment and staffing. The following article was posted on the Canadian Government Executive’s blog page on October […]

Integrating Pre-Screening Into Online Recruitment Platforms: Statistics and 5 Important Questions!

October 25th 2013 |

Pre-screening is something we are passionate about here at EPSI. Since many large and medium- sized Canadian organizations have begun integrating part of their pre-screening processes into their online hiring platforms, we have, in turn, begun to give such an integration a high degree of importance. As a result, following the establishment of validated criteria […]

The End of the Empty Chair Syndrome: Call Center Selection

September 16th 2013 |

In the next few months, I will key you in on an array of topics based on my experience with call center selection process implementation.  We have all heard of “the empty chair syndrome.” It refers to the need to quickly fill a position. Quickly, in this case, does not always mean efficiently. In the […]