Test administration

July 24th 2011 |

An underestimated aspect of the hiring process The candidate selection process is our core concern at EPSI Inc. The many selection tools available and the different tests administered all have a single objective: to allow candidates to display their skills and their knowledge so that employers can be guided in their hiring decisions. Having accurate […]

The myth of the effectiveness of intuition in hiring and evaluating personnel

July 6th 2011 |

Intuition vs. Objectivity Although major differences of opinion persist concerning the nature, operationalization and objectives of talent management, nearly all authors agree that the selection and assessment of personnel is a decisive factor for success. This goes without saying: there can be no “management” of talent if this talent cannot be identified. And yet, a […]

Personality and Workplace Safety

March 28th 2011 |

Safety, a personality issue? Workplace safety has become a primary concern in many organizations. New laws are being enforced and more and more companies are participating in Health and Safety courses which allow them to promote a safe and healthy workplace environment amongst their staff. Yet every year work-related injuries and diseases cause nearly 1,000 deaths […]

Experience and Expertise in Resolving Disagreements

November 14th 2010 |

The Public Service Staffing Tribunal (PSST) – A new body takes the lead in settling disagreements The federal public service is faced with a major change as Appeal Tribunals are now being replaced by the Public Service Staffing Tribunal (PSST). This new approach will change the way disagreements will be resolved. This article explains the […]

The Structured Interview

November 7th 2010 |

The structured interview: a more reliable and efficient way to get the perfect P/E fit! Organizations are searching more and more for the perfect candidate that best reflects the position they are looking to hire for. The most frequently used method is the interview. Although the interview can be conducted in a structured and unstructured […]

Why Invest in Standardized Assessment Tools?

July 24th 2010 |

Why Invest in Standardized Assessment Tools? What would the Dr. Do? Dispensing expert HR advice from EPSI’s President, the highly respected author André Durivage, Ph.D. Q: I’m the Director of Human Resources at a small company and I have been trying for years to convince our management team to introduce standardized tests in our hiring practices. […]

Competency-based Management

March 24th 2010 |

A competitive avantage for manufacturing companies The manufacturing firms in industrialized countries such as Canada, the United States and France are facing increasingly tough competition as the need for higher productivity, effectiveness and efficiency does not cease to increase. In an era that will very likely prove merciless to businesses that fail to stand out, […]

Are All Assessments Tools Valid Internationally?

November 26th 2009 |

What would the Dr. Do? Dispensing expert HR advice from EPSI’s President, the highly respected author André Durivage, Ph.D. Q: Recently we’ve begun research regarding the purchase and use of new assessment tools to be used within our organization. We’ve expanded our research to Canadian and other International companies; however, we are unsure of whether assessment tools […]

The Need- to-Know about On-line Testing

April 9th 2008 |

Q: I have recently spoken with a colleague regarding the possibility of using online testing. What important aspects need to be considered prior to implementing this type of test administration? A: The advantages of online testing are numerous. However, online testing also presents certain organizational challenges that must be closely analyzed and addressed before adopting this […]