Boomerang effect in career planning

July 19th 2022 |

In social psychology, the boomerang effect is defined as the situation where a person who is presented with persuasive communication adopts the reverse position. According to research, when a person feels that their freedom of choice is being disrupted, they may respond by taking the opposite position. So, in the case where we are not […]

Self-Management: A Key Competency For Today’s Workforce

January 12th 2022 |

Career development is more important than ever in the discussions of guidance professionals. Several sources state that adults will make between 5 and 7 career transitions in their lifetime. It is clear that today’s work contexts often result in non-linear and highly unpredictable career paths. This desire to remain motivated and efficient drives today’s worker. […]

Mental Health at the Heart of Our Concerns

May 19th 2021 | |

The labour market has changed dramatically in recent decades. To adapt to this shift, employees and employers have had to be flexible. With the rapid pace of global trade, labour shortages and increased competitiveness, they had to work hard to create an environment for success. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant challenge […]

The Five Competencies of Tomorrow

January 27th 2021 | |

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a crisis that caused upheaval in workplaces. Whether employees were self-employed or worked for the public, para-public, or private sectors, organizations had to mobilize themselves and their workforce to remain productive and relevant to ensure they survived and continue to do so post-pandemic. Historical events and what they taught us […]

Professional Development in a Pandemic

December 15th 2020 | |

Professional development is generally associated with obtaining a senior position in the organization or with succession programs. However, professional development has taken a different form resulting from the global upheaval caused by the pandemic. For most of us, the events of the last few months have led us to make significant changes in our daily […]

HR word: Assessment After

April 14th 2020 | |

Everybody agrees that the current situation will have an impact on the way we will do things in the future. HR, and more specifically “Assessment & recruitment” is no exception. But what can we expect in the short term? Here are some thoughts: The magnitude of the changes will depend on our ability to keep […]

Leadership: the Impact of Employee Attraction

February 27th 2020 | |

Leadership is the starting point for increasing employee engagement. However, while everyone is familiar with the concept, few can easily distinguish the different types of leadership. The literature on the subject distinguishes two styles: transactional and transformational.  Transactional or transformational leadership  Transactional leadership, as the name suggests, is based on the principle of transactions between […]

Career Management: The Recipe for Success

June 3rd 2019 |

In the coming years, it will be increasingly rare for employees to be in the same position in the same organization for the entirety of their careers, especially because of the shortage of skilled manpower. Moreover, technology has become unavoidable in the job market, and it will likely cause some jobs to disappear or evolve, […]

Is a sustainable approach to talent management in a context of skilled labor shortage possible?

April 15th 2019 | |

The challenges associated with the shortage of skilled labor are many and vary from one sector of activity to another. Organizations must work hard to increase their attractiveness and have an “employer brand” that differentiates itself from the competition. Increased social media presence, flexible work hours and a stimulating work environment are among the current […]

Part 2: Promoting your Employer Brand

August 17th 2017 |

The “Employer Brand” article – part one of this article – showed us why the employer brand concept is essential to an organization. To remain competitive, an organization must be able to attract the best talent in a market that is becoming increasingly competitive. Your employer brand allows you to set yourself apart from the […]