Professional Development.

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Our career management experts assist workers at all stages of their professional life. Our personalized approaches foster reflection, informed decision making, goal setting, and strategy adoption. Our objective is to accompany individuals on their path to professional fulfillment.

Get real results.

  • Increase your individual performance;
  • Promote your well-being at work;
  • Assess your career;
  • Develop your management skills;
  • Facilitate your professional transition;
  • Actualize the full potential of your teams;
  • Prepare the succession of your company;
  • Plan your retirement.

How we can help you.

Professional coaching

We support individuals in their growth and development to enable them to develop their performance and achieve their goals. Our coaches guide participants to develop awareness, create a vision, set goals, develop an action plan, and implement strategies.

  • Individual or group approaches
  • Intended for all workers

Management coaching

The objective of management coaching is to encourage the full expression of the individual’s management potential in an effort to maximize performance. Our coaches guide each participant towards awareness of their role and leadership, and assist them in creating a vision, identifying objectives, and implementing measures.

  • Individual or group approaches
  • Intended for managers of all levels

Team coaching

This process aims to update your teams’ full potential. Based on an awareness of the way they operate, we support them in implementing actions related to their challenges, to achieve autonomy, collective efficiency, and the ability to respond to their objectives.

  • Team approaches
  • Intended for any type of team

Skills assessment

This approach promotes an individual’s professional growth through the acknowledgement and enhancement of their skills. It enables one to review their career and identify their objectives.

  • Individual or group approaches
  • Intended for all workers

Career Counselling

The objective of this approach is to promote well-being at work. Our guidance counsellors can intervene in a context of transition, professional reintegration, and rehabilitation, as well as in retirement planning.

  • Individual approaches
  • Intended for all workers

Training and workshops

Our trainings and workshops allow us to reach a large population of learners in order to enhance their knowledge on a subject. Our experts facilitate these meetings because they can clearly illustrate the theoretical concepts discussed.

  • List of available training and workshops
  • Possibility of developing customized content

What sets us apart?
The combination of the following strengths.


We have a genuine interest in each of our clients. Our approach begins with a clear and precise assessment of their needs so that we can offer them appropriate support. Our coaching is personalized, and we provide support, attentive listening, and understanding to each participant.


Our team is made up of career management professionals who are certified, rigorous, and members of recognized professional orders (Ordre des psychologues du Québec, Ordre des conseillers d'orientation du Québec, International Coaching Federation). Our experts base their practices on scientific foundations and use a variety of innovative, cutting-edge tools.


Partnership, authenticity, and transparency are at the core of our approach. We want to work collaboratively with our clients toward a common goal. Our multidisciplinary teams also allow us to work together to effectively meet all needs.

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