Talent Assessment.

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The success of organizations depends first and foremost on the people who are part of it. At EPSI, we strive to ensure that one of the first essential steps in talent management: the assessment process, is as complete and effective as possible. 

Get concrete results.

  • Hire high-performing employees;
  • Increase your talent retention;
  • Simplify your recruitment and assessment processes;
  • Improve candidate experience;
  • Support your talent development;
  • Enhance the credibility and objectivity of your recruitment and assessment processes;
  • Optimize the performance of your organization;
  • Promote the implementation of your employer brand.

How we can help you.

Identification of competency profiles

We help you identify the competencies that are most predictive of job performance, based on your needs and challenges, as well as the position’s role and responsibilities.

Development of assessment protocols

We recommend the best combination of psychometric tools, both rigorous and efficient, to assess all the targeted competencies.

Management of recruitment and assessment processes

We coordinate all stages of your recruitment and assessment processes.

Consulting expertise in psychometric evaluation

We take charge of the complete psychometric analysis of your candidates’ skills and offer advice on hiring decisions.

Feedback and support for selection committees

We provide complete feedback on all the candidates evaluated, by highlighting their strengths and areas for improvement, and helping selection committees make informed decisions.

Feedback to candidates for selection and development purposes

We provide structured, constructive and caring feedback to assessed candidates in order to foster a better understanding of their skills and help develop them.

What sets us apart?
The combination of the following strengths.

Recognized consulting expertise

Our professionals are certified, rigorous and members of recognized professional orders (Ordre des psychologues, guidance counsellors, CPHR, and more). They have extensive experience in talent assessment, psychometric test interpretation, and consulting with a diverse clientele.

Wide range of psychometric tools

Our test catalogue is among the most varied, complete, and scientifically recognized on the market. Our partnerships with HRID and SHL allow us to draw on more than 1,500 tests, including cognitive, personality, situational judgment, language, diversity and values, interest and motivation, office automation, leadership, and knowledge tests.

Quality of support

Our experts place client satisfaction (managers and candidates) at the centre of their practices, and personalize a human, structured and effective approach.

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