Strategic Planning.

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Defining where you want to be in the next 3 to 5 years and the most efficient way to get there, while respecting your priorities, your strengths and assets, your means and your reality: a strategic planning process that stands out for its practical recommendations and quick results.

Get real results.

  • Understanding the internal and external environment;
  • Identifying the conditions for the company’s success;
  • Implementing strategies to achieve your goals;
  • Implementing solid actions;
  • Ensuring succession planning;
  • Identifying the gap between the current and desired situation;
  • Optimizing the management of client accounts;
  • Rolling out business development strategies.

How we can help you.

Strategic planning and growth strategy

We identify where you want to be in the next 3 to 5 years and the most efficient way to get there. Our approach is characterized by our practical recommendations to deliver rapid results, while respecting your priorities, strengths and assets, means, and reality.

  • Identifying your challenges, strategic assets, and opportunities
  • Definition and deployment of the strategy plan

Market studies and surveys

We help you understand the structure of your potential markets, the behaviours and buying habits of your clients, as well as your competitive strengths in order to implement an effective business strategy and make informed business decisions.

  • Diversification
  • Penetration of new markets
  • Consolidation of your organization’s positioning

Best practices in sales and business development

Our experts guide your sales and business development teams in the creation of guides aimed at implementing the best market practices adapted to your organization and your goals.

  • Sales Management
  • Business development

Business plans

Whether you are launching a business unit, developing and marketing a product or service or for any new project, your business plan will allow you to:

  • Evaluate different scenarios or alternatives
  • Identify the key steps, the human, commercial and technical resource requirements
  • Design financial forecasts
  • Determine the conditions for success

Succession plan

We ensure the sustainability of your business through the selection and development of a qualified succession and a smooth, positive, and optimized transfer: sound advice for a successful business transfer.

Multifunctional diagnosis

The success of an organization is founded on several factors, and each of the key factors of the company is a contributing or constraining factor. It is essential to target our strengths and weaknesses within the company, and this, on multiple components related to management, employer brand, operations, product services and their marketing, financial management, IT, etc. We are able to measure and determine which areas need to be improved, corrected, and implemented, to make your organization more efficient.

  • AE5F tool (5 function self-assessment)

What sets us apart?
The combination of the following strengths.

Detailed understanding of organizations

In an ever-changing business world, we understand your needs, improve your organizational efficiency, and make your structure more flexible to easily evolve in the wake of new challenges.

Strategies, tools, and resources

With your collaboration, we work to develop a clear strategy, one that is concrete and applied to the priority issues and reality of your business. Our detailed action plans, including various tools and means, will guide you in the realization and achievement of your objectives.

Expertise and experience

We assist multiple companies by offering a pledge of experience and expertise towards the achievement of their success. Our many years in business allow us to offer you a personalized approach, according to your needs and goals.

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