Psychometric Tests.

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Used for selection, promotion, development, career planning or succession planning purposes, psychometric tests are undeniably valuable tools for organizations. Based on scientific research, they provide organizations with information that is both accurate and objective, enabling them to make informed decisions when it comes to successful talent management.

Get real results.

  • Predict future job performance;
  • Reduce process costs;
  • Maximize your talent development;
  • Outline an objective picture;
  • Position talent;
  • Enhance the candidate and employee experience;
  • Succession and Career Planning;
  • Increase organizational performance.

How we can help you.

Psychometric testing

We offer all the necessary solutions to ensure the recruitment and development of the best possible team. Our catalog offers a wide range of tests for various types and levels of positions.

Référentiel de compétences HRID

HRID Competency Dictionary

Our HRID Competency Dictionary offers 60 competencies in eight specific areas: thinking skills, communications, interpersonal skills, leadership, technical and professional skills, personal suitability, management skills, and entrepreneurship.

Developing assessment tools

You’re not finding a solution that matches your needs? We can develop assessment tools and reports tailored to your organization.

Validity studies

We can offer support in conducting predictive validity studies to help you target the future performance of your employees.

Psychometric analysis

To support you, we offer different psychometric analyses on your processes such as success rates, more detailed statistics on those processes, and much more.  

Expertise report

We support you with our expertise: recommendations on the use of tools, review of literature and trends, expert report in case of grievances, recommendations for accommodation measures in the context of evaluation, and much more.

What sets us apart?
The combination of the following strengths.

Wide range of tests

Our HRID test catalog contains over 66 psychometric tests, and we also offer over 1,500 tests through our partner SHL, including cognitive, personality, situational judgment, language, diversity and values, interest and motivation, office and leadership, knowledge, etc.

Online assessment platform

Our psychometric tools, which can be accessed on our user-friendly and intuitive platform, are available at any time to provide you with an optimal experience. Our customer experience team is here to provide any required support if needed.

Recognized expertise

We have more than 25 years of experience in developing assessment tools that meet organizational needs for workforce selection. Our solutions have been developed by human resources professionals, academics, and experts in the field of psychometric testing to assist you in your staff selection and their development.

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