The Different Approaches to Recognition at Work

July 22nd 2021 | |

What is employee recognition? It is a constructive response and a timely judgment of an employee’s contribution, not only for his or her efforts or results related to organizational values and goals, but also for his or her dedication and commitment (Brun & Dugas, 2008). Some researchers suggest that recognition should be tangible, but not […]

Digital Natives: A New Generation of Learners in Our Organizations

July 6th 2021 | |

Today’s organizations are witnessing the emergence of a new generation with cognitive skills and ways of learning that are very different from their predecessors: the digital natives. The idea that technology and millennials are disrupting structures, processes and even culture within organizations is not new. That being said, in today’s increasingly competitive and innovative (digital) […]

Mental Health at the Heart of Our Concerns

May 19th 2021 | |

The labour market has changed dramatically in recent decades. To adapt to this shift, employees and employers have had to be flexible. With the rapid pace of global trade, labour shortages and increased competitiveness, they had to work hard to create an environment for success. The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant challenge […]

Leadership Behind a Screen.

May 3rd 2021 |

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be the first episode of the first season of the series of changes that humanity will face. A change that has affected and will continue to affect our way of life and especially our methods of communication. Regardless of its nature, communication represents our ability to establish and maintain relationships. […]

The Five Competencies of Tomorrow

January 27th 2021 | |

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a crisis that caused upheaval in workplaces. Whether employees were self-employed or worked for the public, para-public, or private sectors, organizations had to mobilize themselves and their workforce to remain productive and relevant to ensure they survived and continue to do so post-pandemic. Historical events and what they taught us: […]

Professional Development in a Pandemic

December 15th 2020 |

Professional development is generally associated with obtaining a senior position in the organization or with succession programs. However, professional development has taken a different form resulting from the global upheaval caused by the pandemic. For most of us, the events of the last few months have led us to make significant changes in our daily […]

Team Tuesday : Jean-François Labre, Consultant, Talent Management Solutions

September 8th 2020 |

This week EPSI introduces you to Jean-François Labre, Consultant, Talent Management Solutions Q. Jean-François, during your master’s degree, you were interested in organizational learning (OL) and its effects on employee well-being. Do you think there is a connection between these two themes and employer brand? A. Yes absolutely, because employees want to experience well-being at […]