Organizational culture: What if you let your employees define it?

January 26th 2023 |

All of us in the room knew it wasn’t just about the money. Together, we built a business that combined profits, passion and meaning. And we knew it wasn’t just about building a business. It was about building a lifestyle that brought happiness to everyone, including ourselves. Tony Hsieh, 48 hours after Amazon acquired Zappos […]

SMILE! Everyone’s looking…  

January 17th 2023 |

Smile and the world will smile back. Nicolas Roy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at EPSI People often tell me that I smile quite a bit, and it’s true! It comes as second nature to me. I never thought about the impact that smiling had on others until someone pointed it out to me.   “I see […]

The art of saying thank you

December 12th 2022 |

In a context of increased competition, financial pressures associated with inflation and where the labour shortage means that employees have more than ever the possibility of choosing their employer, the question of employee recognition has never been so topical. It is a lever that allows an organization to stand out without significantly increasing its payroll […]

Excelor Gala 2022

December 1st 2022 |

We were present on October 29th at the Excelor Gala, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Gatineau. It was an honor to be nominated for the Excelor Export Project Award, with our recent subsidiary EPSI France in Paris. Winning this award is a great recognition for the many efforts made in this project with […]

Finding the Sun in November

November 30th 2022 |

What is the beginning of November all about? It gets dark earlier, the sky is rather dreary… bottom line, it’s depressing. Many people feel exhausted and rightly so. Since we go from 100,000 Lux (unit of measurement for light therapy) in summer to about 2,000 in winter, outdoor light has a great role to play […]

Online Training: Bringing Virtuality and Humanity Together 

November 28th 2022 |

Over the past few years, the pandemic context has pushed the transfer of many activities and services online. The HR world has not been spared by the virtualization of assessment centres, including selection and development tests, structured interviews, new employee integration paths, training, etc. As a result, with virtual and hybrid work becoming more common […]

Working in 2022: more taxing than ever!

October 25th 2022 |

You did indeed read that right! Working today also entails remote communications for more than a quarter of employed Canadians (The Daily, 2022). Moreover, since the turn of the decade, virtual meetings are counted in the hundreds of millions, on a daily basis! Evidently, the advantages of this practice modality are well known it favours […]

Difficult socio-economic context: Is it necessary to invest in HR?

October 12th 2022 |

Personally, corporate happy hours are still the best way to get a feel for the HR practices of other organizations. This format allows for spontaneous discussion of various issues with stakeholders from different backgrounds. It was very recently, during a happy hour organized by a leadership training organization, that I heard a comment that made […]

Employee Engagement: How to get team players

September 21st 2022 |

The issue An employee group is like a sports team. The best teams are not those with only star players, but rather those in which the people involved are committed to the team’s goals. Having talent is one thing but using it to its full potential is another. Unfortunately, employee engagement is far from a […]

Quiet quitting: A quiet cry that speaks volumes!

September 12th 2022 | |

A phenomenon of the moment with terminology that strikes the imagination, to say the least. Quiet quitting does not refer to a resignation as we know it, but rather to an unwillingness to go beyond what is minimally required. The last two years have precipitated a realignment of values and priorities for most of us, […]

Workplace Suicide Awareness and Prevention

September 9th 2022 |

According to the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, Canadians spend upwards of 60% of their waking hours at work. Given that over half of our time is spent with our colleagues and/or employees, it is crucial to incorporate some level of awareness and preventative measures at the workplace in order to prevent suicide. Just as […]

Knowledge retention… How can you ensure it?

August 30th 2022 |

If you were asked to identify the most important assets for an organization, which items would be at the top of the list? Let’s do the exercise! Before you go any further, take a moment to think about it.    And? In reality, considering that no organizational practice can function (at least effectively) without knowledge […]