The Evolving Role of the HR Professional

July 29th 2013 |

How many organizations do you think have begun to realize that their Human Resource professionals do so much more than just helping employees chose their benefit package? And how many have given these professionals additional responsibilities and decision-making authority to reflect this development in the HR world? We all know that HR plays a fundamental […]

André Durivage on How to Predict the Loyalty of Today’s Employees

July 24th 2013 |

Expert human resources advice from EPSI President and highly-respected author, André Durivage, PhD Q: Our company recently hired three employees for our business development department following a comparative interview process in which we compared the candidates’ education and skills against the job’s specific tasks and required skills. Given the increasingly technological nature of the field of […]

Employee Engagement: The Key Role of Strategic Human Resource Advisors

July 17th 2013 |

Employee engagement is crucial to the success and productivity of any organization. Particularly in more difficult periods, engagement can be one of the most influential factors differentiating a thriving organization from an organization in survival mode. Beyond job satisfaction, employee engagement also covers employees’ willingness to perform their duties and to help the organization fulfil […]

ADHD – From the Classroom to the Workplace?

April 13th 2013 |

Some recent experience has brought me to work closely with many children diagnosed with what we today call ADHD. Inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity are all ‘issues’ that the child is left to manage with in the classroom. That being said, ADHD is known to cause many issues for children in the context of learning; they […]

Tips for a Successful Skype/Telephone Interview

April 3rd 2013 |

In an era which extensively orbits around technology, one cannot be surprised to be surprised to be invited to undertake the traditional interview by telephone or Skype (and other similar technologies). Organizations are making the most of what technology has to offer and virtual alternatives are being employed more and more often in the context […]

I negotiate, he negotiates, she negotiates…

January 23rd 2013 |

Negotiating. Sticking to one’s guns. Convincing. Persuading. Finding common ground… These expressions spark interest in some people but are frightening to others. As in all aspects of life, negotiating is one of those personal interests that, by their very nature, differ from one person to the next. Some live to haggle, trying to negotiate every […]

Integrating Skilled Immigrants in the Workplace: Making it Work!

November 21st 2012 |

Integrating Skilled Immigrants in the Workplace: Making it Work! A constant concern among employers, whether small, medium or large companies, is labour management. Skilled workers are often hard to find, especially in certain lines of business. To fill these gaps, employers are turning more and more often to pools of immigrant workers. That being said, […]

What elements of your assessment strategy change when recruiting in different sectors?

November 7th 2012 |

What elements of your assessment strategy change when recruiting in different sectors? Having worked with numerous organizations in a variety of different sectors, we have been in the enviable position to witness and be actively involved in developing and implementing assessment strategies for each industry, sector or organization. While numerous elements are taken into consideration, […]

Leadership in Organizations: Concepts and Theories

November 4th 2012 |

This week’s post sets us up for a look in to some of the numerous concepts and theories pertaining to leadership. Larry Coutts, Ph.D. and Director, Research and Development at EPSI Inc. has reviewed an incredible amount of literature on the matter and shares with you the highlights of his findings. As organizations strive to […]