Transitioning to Retirement: Be Ready for It!

August 23rd 2022 |

From childhood to adulthood, I would often hear my parents discuss their upcoming retirement. Taking its cue from an advertisement, the phrase “Freedom 55” was popular at the time to depict the ideal in terms of retirement. People aspired to stop working at 55 and travel, play golf, spend time with family, and so on. […]

Boomerang effect in career planning

July 19th 2022 |

In social psychology, the boomerang effect is defined as the situation where a person who is presented with persuasive communication adopts the reverse position. According to research, when a person feels that their freedom of choice is being disrupted, they may respond by taking the opposite position. So, in the case where we are not […]

Three steps to a successful career transition

July 12th 2022 |

The recent pandemic has turned the reality of workers upside down: loss of employment, search for meaning, search for balance, exhaustion, etc. Several reasons have led the working population to reflect on their career path. For some, this reflection has led to a professional transition.   What is career transition?   By definition, transition is an intermediate […]

Diversity and inclusion: a way to be more innovative?

June 13th 2022 |

But what do we mean by diversity and inclusion? According to the CCIL, diversity is relative to the person, the individual. It is the range of dimensions, qualities, and unique characteristics of an individual. Inclusion, on the other hand, would be relative to the community. It would be about creating a culture that promotes equity, […]

Toxic Organizational Culture: When Change is Needed

May 26th 2022 |

A recent study conducted by Standford University found that a toxic work climate was the fifth leading cause of death. The study in question concluded that overwork, stress, and bullying could result in workplace violence, substance abuse, safety issues, and suicide. It is essential for any employer to ensure a healthy work environment and a […]

Change management: a lever for improving organizational culture 

May 17th 2022 |

There has been a lot of talk about the importance of organizational culture in recent years, especially when it comes to making changes that may affect an organization’s current culture. In fact, sometimes the culture of an organization can prevent the implementation of a change and create resistance. Obviously, this is not what is intended […]

Being benevolent… more than a buzzword   

April 26th 2022 |

Let’s face it: benevolence has not always been a priority in the workplace. Performance, productivity, success, profits have always been more important. However, just as with well-being at work, kindness is becoming more and more important. A place that has an important impact on everyone. The reason for this is quite simple. Several studies have […]

Meaning and happiness at work: “One size fits all”?  

April 19th 2022 |

Every human being is unique. That being said, we all often try to find THE recipe, THE common solution to a situation X, which is quite ironic given the endless complexity and variety that humans embody. In other words, as realistic as finding 2 identical snowflakes (good luck). The concepts of meaning and happiness at […]

Why be Interested in Values when Recruiting? 

March 29th 2022 |

In this time of widespread labor shortages, more and more companies are competing to attract and retain the best talent. A lot of emphasis is on employer branding and candidate experience, with good reason. To this end, an increasing number of organizations are identifying their values, publicizing them, and evaluating them when it comes to […]

Pre-Employment References: Are They Still Pertinent? 

March 14th 2022 |

In the category of old furniture are the famous pre-employment references. By old furniture, I mean that they are still there, because they have always been there and we forget to question their relevance, especially in the current context where speed is of the essence in a selection process.  The reality is that, scientifically, pre-employment […]

The Journey of an Employee Experience

November 1st 2021 |

A hot topic in has been the escalating war for talent and the needs for organizations to find innovative ways to remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent. One of the areas that top employers seek that competitive advantage is delivering excellence in employee experience. A Bit of History In fact, according to a […]

Mental Health: We All Have a Role to Play!

January 25th 2022 |

I need to talk to you. I have something important to tell you… will you listen to me? Did you know that one in four employed Canadians say their personal and professional lives have deteriorated since the pandemic started [1]? Did you know that managers are 70% more likely to experience episodes of crisis and […]