Self-Management: A Key Competency For Today’s Workforce

January 12th 2022 |

Career development is more important than ever in the discussions of guidance professionals. Several sources state that adults will make between 5 and 7 career transitions in their lifetime. It is clear that today’s work contexts often result in non-linear and highly unpredictable career paths. This desire to remain motivated and efficient drives today’s worker. […]

The Search for Talent: A Conversation Rather Than a Process

December 13th 2021 |

It is no secret that recruiting and retaining employees is difficult today. Indeed, in the midst of a labour shortage, the job market is now dominated by job seekers. However, the term “shortage” is misleading because, with a few exceptions, a job posting still generates a good volume of resumes even though the vast majority […]

Are Pre-employment Assessments Still Useful?

May 30th 2023 |

The labour shortage context that has been present for the past few years, and which has been greatly accelerated by the pandemic, has led organizations to review their personnel selection processes. The reason is simple: talent is rare and is no longer found where it used to be. They demand more mobility, more challenges and […]

Talent Assessment: How to Modernize Your Approach to Hire the Best?

November 9th 2021 |

In these exceptional times, where the healthcare crisis, which is not entirely behind us, has put a strain on human resources in many areas and highlighted, more than ever, the critical shortage of labour, organizations must distinguish themselves to attract talent and continue to operate, or even survive, in some cases. Workforce Shortages: Some Statistics […]

EPSI Consolidates Its Expertise in Strategic Coaching by Integrating the Services of ST Marketing

October 28th 2021 |

PRESS RELEASEFOR IMMEDIATE DISTRIBUTION Gatineau – Thursday, October 28, 2021 The EPSI Inc. team is proud to announce the integration of ST marketing‘s professional expertise into its strategic business consulting services. The combination of these two consulting forces allows EPSI to further expand its range of services and confirms its desire to better support its […]

International Conflict Resolution Day

October 20th 2021 |

October 21, 2021, Is International Conflict Resolution Day Since 2005, the third Thursday of October celebrates International Conflict Resolution Day. This initiative was created by the Association for Conflict Resolution to raise awareness of conflict, whether it is family-, neighbourhood-, business-, professional- or social-based, and its impact, especially when it remains unresolved. What Is Conflict? […]

Why Optimize the Employee Experience by Building on Their Strengths?

October 19th 2021 | |

How can you have a happy, optimal employee experience, despite and during challenging work environments? On this topic, the hosts of the 2nd “Time for an HR Break?” podcast introduced the guest, Dr. Andreea Vanacker, by reminding us of the importance of considering the satisfaction of the three (3) fundamental psychological needs, such as: Feeling […]

Performance at Work: How to Assess It… in 2021?

September 13th 2021 | |

An effective performance management system is essential for organizations. Through formal and informal processes, it helps them align their people, resources, and systems to achieve their strategic goals. But what’s wrong with performance management? According to Gallup, only 14% of employees strongly agree that their performance appraisal motivates them to improve and 33% of the […]

Creating Hope Through Action – World Suicide Prevention Day

September 10th 2021 |

Today, September 10th, is the 19th World Suicide Prevention Day. The EPSI team wanted to highlight this important day, whose theme this year is “Creating Hope Through Action”. A few statistics According to the Association québécoise de prévention du Suicide (AQPS), there is now an average of 1 million suicides worldwide each year. Every day […]

Take the Pulse with Worker Engagement Platforms

August 24th 2021 | |

In today’s world of talent management, organizations and HR leaders are facing increasing challenges as they try to build a connected workforce that is more engaged, productive, and innovative. In particular, the intense competition for talent while trying to retain staff, as a shrinking workforce emerges in the marketplace primarily due to baby boomers retiring […]