Employee Retention ­ How Do We Find and Keep the Good Ones?

September 29th 2016 |

It has been discussed many times: today’s generation consists of what some might call ‘nomadic’ employees. The average employee today will change careers or jobs between five to seven times over the course of their working life. Considering the investment that is put into finding, hiring, and training each new employee, it might be a […]

The Power of Diversity!

August 10th 2016 | |

The concept of diversity in the workplace is more apparent within our organizations than ever. It both enriches and challenges work teams. It also sometimes challenges managers in their management of human resources. But what do we mean when we say diversity? Is it a fad, or is it really an issue for organizations? From an […]

Making the Most of Shared Workspaces

July 5th 2016 |

When being told that the office is switching over the shared workspaces, we are often told the same things: “It will encourage collaboration! It will promote learning! It’s going to foster our organizational culture!” The whole while, most people are thinking: “There goes my peace and quiet.” Regardless of how we feel, it is our […]

Project Management and Organizational Selection

May 12th 2016 |

Project management is the application of knowledge, practices and abilities in order to achieve and improve specific initiatives. These practices include establishing clear accountability, defining objectives and outcomes, establishing the scope, planning, monitoring, and reporting controls for project activities. There are five main project management stages that are implemented into order to facilitate these activities […]

Interns Part 2- Establishing an internship

March 31st 2016 |

There’s no shortage of popular culture around the idea of interns and internships. You don’t have to look far. Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson as out of place adult interns at Google. Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro in an aptly titled film called ‘The Intern’. Thinking about internships often conjures the idea of young […]

Evaluating Organizational Engagement with IBM

February 2nd 2016 |

Over the last 18 months, EPSI and IBM Kenexa have worked persistently in developing what has now become a strong partnership not only in Canada, but in the US and Europe as well. We were able to further strengthen this relationship when EPSI was invited to participate in their Engagement Survey Consultant training in Lincoln, […]

Workaholism Should not be a Badge of Honour

January 11th 2016 |

Have you ever been a part of a conversation like the following: Person A: “I’m so busy with work lately!  I don’t think I left the office before 7pm all week.” Person B: “Oh same here, I must have been doing 60 hour weeks for the past month!” Person C: “Tell me about it!  I […]

How Star Wars characters demonstrate leadership styles

December 16th 2015 |

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Empire and the Rebels of Star Wars dealt with many of the same issues as people of Earth face today when trying to work in groups. And much like with every civilization in history, leaders held the power to build up armies and alienate […]

5 Tips for Tackling Organizational Culture

December 1st 2015 |

The word ‘culture’ can be a difficult and unwieldy term. As a result, it may often seem easier to dismiss it as something that is difficult to measure, near impossible to change, and outside of day to day concerns of an organization. However, given that correlations can be made between positive organizational culture and employee […]

Interns Part 1: paid or unpaid?

November 17th 2015 |

So you’re thinking about hiring an intern. But you don’t know if you’re supposed to pay them, what exactly it is they should/can do, and how to find one. You’re not entirely sure how the whole thing works, how it will benefit the organization or if it’s worth it. You are not alone. Ask most […]