Evaluating Organizational Engagement with IBM

February 2nd 2016 |

Over the last 18 months, EPSI and IBM Kenexa have worked persistently in developing what has now become a strong partnership not only in Canada, but in the US and Europe as well. We were able to further strengthen this relationship when EPSI was invited to participate in their Engagement Survey Consultant training in Lincoln, […]

Workaholism Should not be a Badge of Honour

January 11th 2016 |

Have you ever been a part of a conversation like the following: Person A: “I’m so busy with work lately!  I don’t think I left the office before 7pm all week.” Person B: “Oh same here, I must have been doing 60 hour weeks for the past month!” Person C: “Tell me about it!  I […]

How Star Wars characters demonstrate leadership styles

December 16th 2015 |

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Empire and the Rebels of Star Wars dealt with many of the same issues as people of Earth face today when trying to work in groups. And much like with every civilization in history, leaders held the power to build up armies and alienate […]

5 Tips for Tackling Organizational Culture

December 1st 2015 |

The word ‘culture’ can be a difficult and unwieldy term. As a result, it may often seem easier to dismiss it as something that is difficult to measure, near impossible to change, and outside of day to day concerns of an organization. However, given that correlations can be made between positive organizational culture and employee […]

Interns Part 1: paid or unpaid?

November 17th 2015 |

So you’re thinking about hiring an intern. But you don’t know if you’re supposed to pay them, what exactly it is they should/can do, and how to find one. You’re not entirely sure how the whole thing works, how it will benefit the organization or if it’s worth it. You are not alone. Ask most […]

Multitasking: The Work Efficiency Myth

October 22nd 2015 |

You are working on a presentation that is to be given in to your supervisor before the end of the day when your colleague asks you for your help on a project. Confident that you will finish your work in time, you willingly tend to your colleague’s request. You then get back to your computer […]


August 19th 2015 |

By Sarah Linkletter, B.A, M.A(Ed).    Succession planning is a process that identifies and develops high-potential leaders to fill key business leadership positions within an organization. This process prevents the organization from becoming shorthanded on talent after employee departures, thus ensuring the longevity of the business. There are Five main objectives of Succession Planning: 1. To increase the […]

Employee Engagement: where it began, measuring it and moving forward.

July 20th 2015 |

Employee Engagement continues to be a growing concern for many organizations as research continues to link engagement with an organization’s bottom line. Studies from Gallup tell us that engaged teams deliver higher customer satisfaction scores, higher productivity and higher profitability. Safe to say, if you’re a leader in any organization it’s critical that one of […]

Mobilizing in a changing environment

June 17th 2015 |

At a time when change is an integral part of our professional lives, it is impossible for company leaders and managers to close their eyes and hope that their employees will accept change without support. As part of their responsibilities, they must steer the ship in the right direction by promising the best navigation conditions […]

EPSI announces the launch of a new business partnership with IBM

June 3rd 2015 |

PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gatineau, June 3, 2015 ─ EPSI is proud to announce the launch of a new business partnership with IBM – Smarter Workforce: an IBM initiative that helps organizations attract a performant workforce to drive business outcomes. This opportunity follows a long process of on-boarding which enabled EPSI to qualify as […]

Negotiations: How to ask for what you want

May 26th 2015 |

The wage gap, based on both gender and race, has been a hot topic in recent months, fueled in part by the passionate Oscar acceptance speech from Patricia Arquette on February 22nd. It may be surprising to some people that not everyone holding the same position within an organization receives equal pay when completing the […]

The Structured Interview – Part 3

May 5th 2015 |

What are the most frequent biases during an interview? This is the last article of a three-part series that provides an overview of the structured interview. This article will discuss how the structured interview helps prevent the various types of bias that may occur during interviews. Many people assume that they’re great at reading people. […]