October 28th 2021

EPSI Consolidates Its Expertise in Strategic Coaching by Integrating the Services of ST Marketing


Gatineau – Thursday, October 28, 2021

The EPSI Inc. team is proud to announce the integration of ST marketing‘s professional expertise into its strategic business consulting services. The combination of these two consulting forces allows EPSI to further expand its range of services and confirms its desire to better support its partner clients in their evolution.

Founded in Trois-Rivières nearly 20 years ago, ST Marketing has made its mark thanks to its strategic planning and business development services, as well as its proficiency in market research and surveys. The company has a solid reputation in the industrial, manufacturing, and professional services sectors. Since 2009, it has been an expert member of the Groupement des chefs d’entreprises du Québec and, for several years, a member of STIQ, the largest manufacturing network in Quebec. Over the years, ST Marketing has developed a proven methodology to support its clients in their strategic thinking processes; its approach, training catalogue, and planning tools are all elements that will enrich EPSI’s offering.

“Over the past few years, EPSI has enjoyed constant growth. More than ever, talent and human resources issues are at the center of concerns for organizations seeking to improve their performance,” says Nicolas Roy, EPSI’s CEO. “Now that our approach and solutions are recognized for their effectiveness, the time has come to add the consulting elements that will support our desire to help our clients evolve, both in terms of the organization and the individuals that make it up. Our team will now contribute even more closely to our clients’ success in the two fundamental dimensions of their ability to grow: organizational health and strategic thinking.”

“We got to know Sylvain Tessier, President of ST Marketing, through our many collaborations on strategic files and our joint podcast – Le temps d’une pause… RH. During our discussions, it became clear to us that our two organizations would benefit greatly from joining forces.” concludes Mr. Roy, who is delighted with this transaction.

As for the primary person in question, he is excited about the opportunity to join EPSI in order to contribute to the achievement of its strategic objectives: “I have always considered the human factor to be the key to the success of organizations, to their durability and to their distinction. When you equip a quality team with a clear vision, relevant strategies and a strong value proposition, everything becomes possible,” says Mr. Tessier. “Happiness at work is the result of several complementary factors. Having the feeling of contributing to an inspiring business project, led by enlightened leadership, is a determining factor in team motivation. With the addition of our expertise and methodology, EPSI is, in my opinion, the embodiment of one of the best ranges of integrated solutions in terms of HR consulting, strategic planning and business development. Our clients will be better served as a result,” he says enthusiastically.

The complete integration of the two companies will take place over the next few weeks and all strategic planning mandates will now benefit from ST Marketing’s expertise.

About EPSI

Founded in 1995, EPSI provides comprehensive talent management solutions, including competency assessment, personnel selection, employee engagement, professional development, and organizational design. Today, the company has more than 70 employees and 1,600 clients and is present in 82 countries. It is also a key partner of the multinational SHL.

About ST Marketing

ST Marketing has combined expertise in strategic planning and business development strategies as well as in market research and surveys. It has an excellent reputation in the industrial, manufacturing, and professional services sectors. Founded in Trois-Rivières in 2003, its main place of business is located in this city, but its clientele extends throughout the province and outside Quebec.