Organizational Development.

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Improving and developing your workforce is one of the keys to success in ensuring the sustainability of your organization. By putting the necessary energy into developing your staff's talents, your organization is bound to grow and develop. EPSI's customized solutions offer you the opportunity to guide your leaders and managers, and to equip your teams with training and coaching programs. These programs enable you to participate in your strategic and operational planning, to structure (or restructure) your organization, and to develop your vision, mission, and values.

Get real results.

  • Promote recruiting and retention of your workforce;
  • Facilitate the transfer of your business or succession planning;
  • Implement a coherent organizational structure;
  • Identify and carry out the right actions to achieve your strategic goals;
  • Assess the efficiency of your organization;
  • Improve your operational performance;
  • Define and categorize the jobs in your organization;
  • Accomplish your organizational objectives.

How we can help you.


Our experts can assist you in creating both accurate and effective job descriptions. Information is gathered on the duties, nature, and conditions of the job in an effort to identify the content of the job in terms of activities, responsibilities, attributes, and requirements.

Organizational design

We help you identify dysfunctional aspects of the work environment, procedures, structures, or systems to adapt them to the realities and objectives of your organization. Following this analysis, our experts will work in collaboration with you to develop an action plan to implement these changes.

Organizational diagnosis

Our experts will help you target your needs, be it at the corporate, management or employee level, as well as determine the potential causes of the challenges. This process provides an overview of your organization’s strengths and possible areas for improvement so that it can reach its full potential.

HR Planning

Our experts take inventory of your current and future human resources needs so that your organization can achieve its objectives. This process is essential for consolidating human resources management and the company’s overall strategic plan.

HR Marketing

We support you in establishing and communicating your values with your existing and potential personnel so that you can better distinguish yourself, promote the commitment of your workforce and find new talent.

Transfer of business

We help you prepare, in a judicious and proactive way, for the succession and transfer of your company. Our experts will guide you through the ownership transfer process, as well as the planning and preparation of your succession to ensure customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

What sets us apart?
the combination of the following strengths.

Collaboration and contextualization of mandates

Rather than proposing a generic solution, our experts offer customized recommendations based on your organization's specific context and needs to help you meet your goals.

Consideration and respect for people

Our experts consider and respect both organizational structures and systems but also the people who are behind them. In all actions undertaken, the concerns of both men and women are taken into consideration to favour their adhesion with minimal confrontation and resistance.

Application of science and recognized practices

Our team is made up of strategists and consultants who both have extensive field experience, as well as researchers who stay on the cutting edge of scientific knowledge. By combining science and experience in an organizational context, we can deliver accurate and innovative recommendations while remaining impeccably thorough.

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