Employer Branding.

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Employer branding is much more than just a solution to attract or entice candidates. A strong, well-defined employer brand not only attracts new talent, but also and more importantly improves the well-being of existing employees and increases customer satisfaction. In less words, it allows you to shine from the inside out. In a context where qualified labour is scarce and where competition is fierce to find, and above all to retain, employer branding becomes an essential component to consider in an effort to position yourself as an employer of choice.

Get real results.

  • Attract new talent;
  • Engage and involve your employees;
  • Enhance the happiness and well-being of your employees;
  • Retain your talent;
  • Increase your team’s productivity;
  • Improve your organization’s reputation;
  • Enhance your customer satisfaction.

How we can help.

Multifactorial model

Our employee experience model is divided into 4 domains as well as several factors that are directly and scientifically recognized as having a direct impact on the employee experience, the core component of your employer brand: purpose, means, commitment and benevolence.

Employee experience measurement

We measure the important factors that affect your employees in order to identify the right levers to activate to maximize their experience within your organization. Ultimately, this measurement is the foundation of your attraction, mobilization, and retention power.

Employer Brand Certification

Our objective approach allows you to identify yourself as an employer of choice that cares about their employees’ experience. Being recognized by an external and independent organization enables you to develop and communicate your organizational identity in an effort to attract, engage, and retain talent.

Professional coaching

Our experts in organizational culture and branding will guide you in the creation or redesign of your employee value proposition (EVP). We offer support at various stages to build an optimal employee experience:

  • Communication;
  • Results analysis;
  • Setting up an action plan;
  • Conducting workshops;
  • And much more!

Brand Outreach – HR Marketing

We help you create a powerful and positive candidate experience by working with you to co-create strategies, initiatives and content to deploy both internally and externally what makes you an employer.

What sets us apart?
The combination of the following strengths.

Integrated approach

Our approach includes measurement and diagnosis, strategy and action plan development, as well as rollout and exposure. You get a complete solution that will enable you to implement a strong employer brand for your organization.


Our simple and efficient processes allow you to implement concrete actions that lead to rapid results. We use industry benchmarking standards to provide you with a customized solution that is aligned with your needs.

Best value for money

Culture Inc. combines the strengths needed to position your employer branding: expertise in talent management and brand outreach. We offer you unparalleled cost effectiveness by combining our expertise in human and collective intelligence, business, and marketing.

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