How Important Is Optimal Work Experience?

November 16th 2023 |

In today’s increasingly tumultuous world, the pursuit of personal and professional well-being is taking on greater meaning and importance. While the pandemic has brought its wake of transformations to the job market, the urge for a sense of well-being and purpose, and feeling professionally well-balanced, continues unabated. Widespread labour shortages and numerous employment opportunities often […]

Leadership and Organizational Culture: an Inseparable Duo

October 5th 2023 |

Have you ever taken the time to reflect on the influence of your managers in your organization? I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about their contribution to organizational culture. It’s important to understand that when we talk about organizational culture, we’re primarily talking about how people within an organization behave, how they interact, […]

I know you’re leaving: normalizing employee departures

June 7th 2023 |

Any human resources and human capital management professional will be the first one to tell you that there is a growing trend for employees not to stay in one job as long as previous generations. In fact, research has proven that, while the silent generation commonly worked for two companies on average for most of […]

Talent assessment, well beyond recruitment

May 12th 2023 |

In today’s talent-hunting environment, we often hear the same yet relevant question: WHY do we assess talent if, at the same time, we know it to be scarce and sought after? And more importantly, WHY entrust this task to an external firm, especially in such a precarious economic context? In addition to recruitment, talent assessment […]

Meaning at Work & Well-being: A Powerful Pair

April 25th 2023 |

According to the IRSST [1], “for work to have meaning, it must provide satisfaction to the person doing it, correspond to his or her interests, call upon his or her skills, stimulate the development of his or her potential and allow him or her to achieve his or her goals.” What gives a person a […]

Intergenerational Collaboration in the Workplace

April 6th 2023 |

Organizations are now composed of a great diversity of generations. The entire global workforce is now represented by 4 generations: Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y and more recently, Generation Z. The importance of thinking about the concept of generation and generational specificities has been emphasized by several researchers since the 1950s. Currently, even though […]

The Water Cooler… Even Digital!

March 15th 2023 |

You may be surprised that an article about water cooler talk is a topic that has made it to our blogs. And yet… More and more serious articles are being written on this topic. Water cooler talk is what happens when co-workers take a break and take time to relax and talk about less stressful […]

The SME and its Employer Brand: A World of Possibilities! 

February 9th 2023 |

With SME month coming to a close, I would have regretted not speaking on the subject. Those who know me know that I have a special love for SMEs. They have a “li’l somethin” (as my colleague from NB would say). Their flexibility, their ability to adapt, their dynamism, their human scale (proximity to employees) […]

Organizational culture: What if you let your employees define it?

January 26th 2023 |

All of us in the room knew it wasn’t just about the money. Together, we built a business that combined profits, passion and meaning. And we knew it wasn’t just about building a business. It was about building a lifestyle that brought happiness to everyone, including ourselves. Tony Hsieh, 48 hours after Amazon acquired Zappos […]

SMILE! Everyone’s looking…  

January 17th 2023 |

Smile and the world will smile back. Nicolas Roy, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at EPSI People often tell me that I smile quite a bit, and it’s true! It comes as second nature to me. I never thought about the impact that smiling had on others until someone pointed it out to me.   “I see […]

The art of saying thank you

December 12th 2022 |

In a context of increased competition, financial pressures associated with inflation and where the labour shortage means that employees have more than ever the possibility of choosing their employer, the question of employee recognition has never been so topical. It is a lever that allows an organization to stand out without significantly increasing its payroll […]

Finding the Sun in November

November 30th 2022 |

What is the beginning of November all about? It gets dark earlier, the sky is rather dreary… bottom line, it’s depressing. Many people feel exhausted and rightly so. Since we go from 100,000 Lux (unit of measurement for light therapy) in summer to about 2,000 in winter, outdoor light has a great role to play […]