Team Tuesday : Jean-François Labre, Consultant, Talent Management Solutions

September 8th 2020 |

This week EPSI introduces you to Jean-François Labre, Consultant, Talent Management Solutions Q. Jean-François, during your master’s degree, you were interested in organizational learning (OL) and its effects on employee well-being. Do you think there is a connection between these two themes and employer brand? A. Yes absolutely, because employees want to experience well-being at […]

Does your organization prioritize your employees’ psychological health and safety?

April 7th 2020 |

Increasingly, for many organizations, employee psychological health and safety represent a major challenge. Mental illness is in fact, the leading cause of disability in Canada. In addition to causing significant organizational impacts (e.g., absenteeism, presentism, workforce turnover, loss of expertise), the human costs associated with mental health problems demonstrate the need to take action. Prevention […]

Employee experience

July 23rd 2019 |

Competition between companies to attract customers is not a new concept. However, for a number of years now, we have seen all sorts of initiatives arise among employers to attract the best employees! Fitness centres, integrated daycare services, even ping pong tables: employers must always find more ways of wooing a smaller and more selective […]


May 7th 2019 |

Being a “boss” is not the same as being a leader. A “boss”/a good manager/a supervisor will ensure that employees perform the tasks assigned to them. A leader will foster team spirit and will engage employees to achieve the company’s goals. The impact of the decisions a leader makes is also fundamental. This is called […]


June 20th 2017 |

Organizations have to continually improve their practices in order to be competitive. When the time comes to improve the efficiency of an organization, we often think of working on the means of production, developing new, more modern infrastructures, or even reviewing the operational processes. We tend to forget that the strength of an organization resides […]

The Good Side of Gossip

February 16th 2017 |

Although most people do not like to consider themselves as gossips, they have probably engaged in gossip at some point in their life. While the term gossip has developed a negative connotation in our culture, at its core it simply refers to conversations about a person who is not present. For employers with employees sharing […]


October 24th 2016 | |

Everyone has had an enthusiastic colleague or friend, who was excited by the challenges of his or her position, and imagined working towards a brilliant career with his or her employer, but who, after a few months or even years, admits being completely disillusioned, admits to doing only the bare minimum, and to even considering […]

The Power of Diversity!

August 10th 2016 | |

The concept of diversity in the workplace is more apparent within our organizations than ever. It both enriches and challenges work teams. It also sometimes challenges managers in their management of human resources. But what do we mean when we say diversity? Is it a fad, or is it really an issue for organizations? From an […]

Workaholism Should not be a Badge of Honour

January 11th 2016 |

Have you ever been a part of a conversation like the following: Person A: “I’m so busy with work lately!  I don’t think I left the office before 7pm all week.” Person B: “Oh same here, I must have been doing 60 hour weeks for the past month!” Person C: “Tell me about it!  I […]

How Star Wars characters demonstrate leadership styles

December 16th 2015 |

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the Empire and the Rebels of Star Wars dealt with many of the same issues as people of Earth face today when trying to work in groups. And much like with every civilization in history, leaders held the power to build up armies and alienate […]