3 May 2021

Leadership Behind a Screen

The Covid-19 pandemic seems to be the first episode of the first season of the series of changes that humanity will face.

A change that has affected and will continue to affect our way of life and especially our methods of communication.

Regardless of its nature, communication represents our ability to establish and maintain relationships. Today, in the digital age, this seems easy to accomplish, however, our leaders still find it difficult to adapt their management style to this digitalization of human relations.

Admitting that the relationship between leaders and collaborators lacks this strong human link, nothing prevents us from creating characters using augmented reality that can represent the organization, lead work teams and meetings, manage objectives and performance, communicate all leadership messages to collaborators, and assist/participate in various team building activities, since all activities today are virtual.

However, there is still, for the time being, one particularity that makes the difference between a human leader and a virtual one; it is this ability to share emotions with your collaborators, to share their joy and sorrow, their success and failure, to show compassion and understanding, to meet with them because you need to keep the link and not because you are obliged to post a given number of meetings on your calendar…

Let’s be virtually caring, let’s be human leaders!