March 22nd 2022

Webinar: Measuring the Entire Employee Lifecycle

Webinar Measuring the Entire Employee Lifecycle: The Key to Your Employer Brand, Recruitment, and Retention.

Wanted! Apply Here! Wages Negotiable! Now Hiring!

These signs are everywhere. There are as many advertising campaigns for recruitment as there are for normal product offerings. How can we as employers find and keep good employees to keep our businesses running?

In this webinar, Norm Baillie-David, a partner of Entegritē Consulting with more than 35 years of experience in measuring and improving the employee experience, will discuss how to set up a “cradle-to-grave” employee lifecycle measurement strategy which will ensure employers understand and act on the employee experience from pre-recruitment right through the entire employee lifecycle, thereby creating a strong employer brand which will help you recruit and retain the best talent available.


Listen to our Webinar: