Part 1: Performance Management Appraisal

Performance management is essential to any individual, team, and organization, as it allows to objectively measure work performance and productivity. Regularly assessing work performance allows organizations to identify any gaps and overlaps that could potentially hinder employee engagement and overall productivity. By carrying out these assessments, strategies can be designed and implemented to help improve the […]

Staffing, Turnover Rate and Voluntary Departures

It is generally said that good recruitment and selection processes ensure that organizations have the workforce they need for their operations. These efforts are relevant and can be effective, but they also represent a great deal of cost and effort that should be avoided if possible. It is in this context that the question of […]

How To Understand Your Employees – Pulse Surveys

The HR world is constantly evolving, especially now as we all face a new reality due to Covid-19. During this time of crisis, understanding how your employees feel is more important than ever. The purpose of pulse surveys is to quickly gather feedback from your employees, allowing you to implement change promptly. Ask employees questions to […]