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Review of Selection Criteria and Processes

How we supported the Ministry of the Solicitor General of Ontario to modernize their recruitment process for correctional officers.

The Ministry of the Solicitor General ensures that Ontario communities are supported and protected by law enforcement, and that public safety and correctional systems are safe, effective, efficient, and accountable.

The issue

The Ministry was looking to modernize their recruitment process by ensuring that the selection and hiring of correctional officers was adequately done by eliminating or mitigating against negative barriers, such as racial or gender bias, all the while recruiting and retaining employees who fit the knowledge, skills, abilities, core competencies and psychological profile required for the job.

Our approach

  • Drafted a comprehensive document with a list of relevant questions.
  • Led several consultations with key partners and stakeholders within the Ministry to get a broad sense of the current hiring trends and practices.
  • Drafted a comprehensive report, providing recommendations on how the Ministry could engage in this modernization exercise.


Targeting underrepresented employee equity groups (i.e. Indigenous groups).

Recommendations to support professional development in applicants who did not meet the minimum threshold for consideration (i.e. no high school degree).

Recommendations on the type of psychometric test used (i.e. using a Canadian standardized assessment or using an American standardized assessment with Canadian norms).

Recommendations on mitigating negative barriers (i.e. age, racial, or gender bias).