WABT Certification.

May 5th, 2021 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm |

Language : French

The Work Approach and Behavior Test (WABT) measures 25 personality traits at work that can be combined using The Big Five Model or the Five-Factor Model. The test was validated and normalized with a sample population of individuals working in various sectors: public, private and para public.

For each personality trait, a brief description is provided along with a score ranging from low to high. As a result, the lower the score, the lower the probability an individual will manifest the specific trait; conversely, the higher the score, the higher the probability an individual will manifest the specific trait. Each test scale has been designed to assess critical approaches and behaviours in everyday work situations. The WABT makes it possible to give an estimate of the characteristics of people in the context of a selection process or an assessment of potential.

Through this workshop, people will be able to interpret various fictional WABTs so they may use the test in their staffing processes, interpret the results and provide recommendations to the hiring manager(s) on a candidate’s potential.