Étude de cas

Attracting talent 

How we helped a Canadian insurance company implement an attractive approach to pre-screening

Canadian Insurance and Wealth Management Group 

One of the largest groups of insurance and wealth management companies in Canada is positioning itself as a key player in the industry by offering a wide range of financial services. For its part, EPSI has been providing it with psychometric test scoring services since 2018. 

The issue 

In 2018, this organization wanted to change and standardize its staff-selection approach across Canada by selecting employees that fit the organization’s future profile, combining the use of a personality test and a cognitive test. In a world that is increasingly competitive in attracting talent, the organization also wanted to adopt an integrated, 100% virtual approach, allowing it to reduce recruitment time and increase its proactivity toward high-performing candidates. 

The approach

  • Renewal of the pre-selection process 

To better frame the overall pre-selection activities, EPSI used the competency-based approach to match the organization’s competency profile to the competencies measured by the psychometric tests. We provided standardized tests that assessed these key competencies. Thus, for all positions to be filled, all candidates had to take the same tests so that the evaluation would be objective concerning the key competencies. 

  • Provide automated and customized reporting to the brand 

As a test publisher, EPSI has the expertise to customize both the content and the container: the integrated results report according to the choice of tests and the brand image. We also customized the solution by adapting the benchmarking according to the type of target population and by combining the results of the tests – the TH-CAT and the TACT – into a single evaluation report. EPSI proposed a solution that was agile and accommodating to the organization’s need for an instant notification that would be sent to the candidate following their test-taking to thank them for completing the test battery. A detailed version would also be sent to the HR partner to assist them in making hiring decisions.  


Positive impacts on the candidate experience through the use of short, powerful tests and the delivery of a personalized report to the candidate.

Selecting a workforce that is aligned with the organization’s future skills, levers of the customer and employee experience.

Facilitation of the hiring decision following the interview thanks to the results of the psychometric tests.

Improved employee integration by sharing results, strengths, and development paths.