June 3rd 2015

EPSI announces the launch of a new business partnership with IBM


Gatineau, June 3, 2015 ─ EPSI is proud to announce the launch of a new business partnership with IBM – Smarter Workforce: an IBM initiative that helps organizations attract a performant workforce to drive business outcomes.

This opportunity follows a long process of on-boarding which enabled EPSI to qualify as a privileged partner of IBM in offering assessment solutions. Several meetings in Montreal, Toronto and Miami, mainly involving Melinda Matthews Clarkson, Worldwide VP of Partnering and Alliances for IBM’s Software Division, Debbie Landers, General Manager, Kenexa & Smarter Workforce at IBM and Jeffrey J. Carey, National Business Unit Leader & Head of Sales – IBM Smarter Workforce Canada, have strengthened the relationship and contributed to developing a business plan that will meet all types of assessment needs of Canadian organizations.
“Throughout this process and in every meeting we had, our objective was always to create an even stronger service offering for our clients, leading to increased scale and relevance both nationally and internationally. says Franco Maimone, EPSI’s Executive Director. The IBM products, which count over a thousand knowledge and ability tests, will complement the range of assessment products already offered by EPSI that touch upon all human facets, from personality to intelligence as well as values and even attitudes. “Few consulting firms can claim to offer such a complete range as the one that is now at our disposal and we are thrilled about the opportunities this will create for our customers and business partners” adds Mr. Maimone.
“The range of IBM products presents all the psychometric characteristics that are required in quality assessment tools stresses André Durivage, Ph.D., President of EPSI and co-author of the book The Structured Interview. “Furthermore, we had the chance to chat with Jeff Weekley, who is both the global leader in talent consulting services at IBM and the recognized author of the book Situational Judgment Tests, and we quickly appreciated the expertise that can be found behind these tools, adds Dr. Durivage.
Due to this partnership, EPSI will be even better equipped to support all types of organizations, regardless of their size, the nature of their operations or their situation in Canada or around the world.

Learn more on the EPSI-IBM partnership.

About EPSI

With over 20 years of consultative support experience augmented with Internet-based solutions, EPSI can transform your assessment and evaluation practices, ensuring that you hire and retain only the very best talent. EPSI will also help align the skills, knowledge, abilities and values of the people you bring in with your organization’s vision—resulting in a culture that is built to succeed.
The partnership with IBM allows EPSI to offer talent management solutions that include talent acquisition tools to attract the right candidates, talent analytics and surveys, learning and development as well as a variety of performance management tools that enable organizations to maximise their performance.

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