Evolve your people and your organization.

Talent and organization


Improving and developing your workforce is one of the keys to success in ensuring the sustainability of your organization. By putting in the necessary energy to develop the talents of your staff, you will undoubtedly grow your organization. Professional development is at the heart of our practices. The ever-changing environment in which our organizations operate also requires a high level of business and organizational intelligence in order to ensure the transformation of approaches, ways of doing things, and structures.

EPSI’s adapted solutions offer you the possibility of orienting your leaders and managers, training and equipping your teams through support programs, participating in strategic and operational planning, structuring (or restructuring) your organization, and establishing your vision, mission, and values.

What sets us apart is the combination of the following strengths:

Consulting expertise

More than 60 human resources professionals at your service. Expert Advice. Coaching.


Management potential. Career interests. 360 Evaluations. HRID. Compmetrica. SHL.

Development programs

More than 20 training courses in HRM. Course plans by skill. Leadership Development Program. Co-development. Learning circles.

Competency-based approach

60 competencies. For all jobs from entry to strategic executive.

Online platforms

Accessible anytime, anywhere.
How we can help you:
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Organizational development
Competency development
Career development
Diagnosis and organizational design
HR planning
Training programs
Leadership development programs
Management potential
Career interests
Career Counselling. Coaching. Expertise.
The time to act is now.
Aligned HR and organizational strategies + trained and developed employees =
more efficient and less vulnerable organizations!

68 %

HR executives say developing critical skills and competencies is their top priority.

27 %

Work units have a good leader in place for their future.

81 %

Senior HR executives cite lack of preparation as the main reason a high-potential candidate could not fill their role.