Evaluate your talent.

Performance begins
with assessing your talent.

Gathering and analyzing the relevant information in order to make a hiring decision can seem complicated. However, the use of a structured approach, powerful tools, and sound advice can facilitate this decision-making. For more than 25 years, we have supported organizations in the selection of their personnel.

Évaluer - EPSI
What sets us apart is a combination of the following strengths:

Consulting expertise

More than 60 human resources professionals at your service.

Assessment tools

Over 60 psychometric tests. Over 1500 knowledge tests. HRID. Compmetrica. SHL.

The results you expect

Productivity. Performance. Customization.

Competency-based approach

60 competencies. For all jobs from entry to strategic executive.

Online testing platform

Accessible anytime, anywhere.
How we can help you:
Analysis of vacant positions
Identifying competency profiles
Development of the evaluation protocol
Selection/Development of assessment tools
Candidate evaluation
Reports. Recommendations. Feedback

Online tests

Personality, cognitive and learning, situational judgment, office automation, language, diversity and values, interests and motivation, and technical skills.

Online Interviews

Live interview, pre-recorded interview, interview builder

Online Resources

Assessment centers, 360 assessment, 180 assessment, reference checks

Other online solutions

Hosting of client custom tests, personalized reports

Online solutions that allow you to make informed decisions
  • Anytime, anywhere
  • 70% faster than a traditional process
  • ↑ Improved Candidate experience
  • Advantageous cost/benefit ratio
  • Better prediction of future job performance
  • Efficient employees

We understand that:

  • Your needs are our priority.
  • Our advice has a significant impact on your decision-making process.
  • The importance of selecting the right person for the right job is critical for an organization.
  • The cost of a selection error can reach almost one and a half times the employee’s salary.
  • The candidate experience is part of the process of onboarding a new resource.
The time to act is now.
More efficient process = more efficient employees!

70 %

Increase in the quality of new hires when organizations offer a strong candidate experience.

81 %

Talent management professionals agree virtual recruiting will continue post-COVID.

89 %

Potential candidates abandon a selection process that is too long.