Engage your workforce.

Success starts with

talent engagement

An engaged employee is committed and dedicated to their work and organization. Employee engagement is central to achieving organizational goals and performance. For several years, we have been helping organizations by allowing them to understand the levers to be operated in order to create a strong organizational culture that promotes employee performance.

What sets us apart is the combination of the following strengths:


Our Ekko survey platform is intuitive and easy to use. It facilitates the management of your organization chart, quickly deploys surveys, and creates easy-to-understand reports. Ekko empowers your managers to achieve team results and key engagement drivers.


High quality consulting services that help you make your survey program more than just momentary data collection. Our team of HR experts will analyze your data and provide you with action-oriented results that will help you achieve your organizational goals.

Project management

With our proven and easy-to-follow 8-step process, we support your organization during the implementation of a successful survey. Depending on your needs and goals, our dedicated project managers will work closely with you every step of the way.
How we can help you:
Preparing for action
Survey design
Communications planning
File management
Survey administration
Production and analysis of results
Presentation of conclusions
Development and implementation of action plans
Obtaining results

Annual surveys

Leadership Index, Transformational Leadership, Organizational Index, Job Characteristics, Organizational Climate, Work Facilitation, Engagement Index, Commitment, Employee Experience, Performance Index, Employee Performance, Organization Performance.

Pulse surveys

Leadership, recognition program, exit interview, performance management, change management, job integration, career management, remote work, COVID-19, mental health and well-being, employee experience.

Custom surveys

Creation of questions, customization, customer survey integration.

  • Anytime, anywhere
  • ↑ Response rate
  • ↑ Participant experience
  • Easy to use
  • 1000 validated survey questions
  • Employees + engaged + efficient = ↑ P

We understand that:

  • Your needs are our priority.
  • Our advice has a significant impact on your decision-making process.
  • The importance of having a committed workforce leads to higher results.
  • The cost of a disengaged workforce can jeopardize the sustainability of your organization.
The time to act is now.
More engaged employees = better performing organizations!

71 %

Executives say employee engagement is critical to achieving their organizational goals.

69 %

Employees say they would work harder if they felt more appreciated.

75 %

Employees are not engaged in the workplace.