Leadership in Organizations: Concepts and Theories

November 4th 2012 |

This week’s post sets us up for a look in to some of the numerous concepts and theories pertaining to leadership. Larry Coutts, Ph.D. and Director, Research and Development at EPSI Inc. has reviewed an incredible amount of literature on the matter and shares with you the highlights of his findings. As organizations strive to […]

Presenteeism: To be or not to be… At Work

June 6th 2012 |

These days, absenteeism is one of the health indicators most frequently used by organizations (Johns, 2010; Ybema et al., 2010). Many companies have set up policies and programs to decrease absentee rates as far as possible. But at the same time, for several years now, another phenomenon apparently affecting organizational health and worker productivity has […]

Test administration

July 24th 2011 |

An underestimated aspect of the hiring process The candidate selection process is our core concern at EPSI Inc. The many selection tools available and the different tests administered all have a single objective: to allow candidates to display their skills and their knowledge so that employers can be guided in their hiring decisions. Having accurate […]