Required Material
Computer Setup
What to do if you are disconnected
Technical Support
Complete the Online Test
Postponing of the evaluation / Special arrangement requests



Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) Selection Process:

Member, Social Security Tribunal

In order to complete the Online Assessment on the COMPMETRICA online testing platform, we ask that you follow the steps indicated below.

It is strongly recommended that you print these instructions in order to be able to easily refer to them when you will complete your online assessment.

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Required Material

Please note that only the following browsers are supported for online testing in a MS Windows environment:

In order the assessment will run smoothly, please take note of the following:

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Computer Setup


Before starting your test, verify that your computer meets the requirements of the COMPMETRICA online testing platform; otherwise, you will not be able to access your test. Take a few minutes to check the required configurations:

  • Before entering your access code, press the icon "Test your system" and make sure that all parameters contain green checkmarks.
  • If some parameters contain a red "X" please follow the given instructions in order to resolve the problem.

Once your computer is properly configured, you can return to the welcome page and enter your access code in order to begin the test.

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What to do if you are disconnected

During a disconnection, your answers are saved and the clock stops.

You must go back to the website ( and re-enter your access code.

You will then be asked to explain why you were disconnected. Once you submit your reason, you will be redirected to your test.

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Technical Support

Before contacting the support team, please ensure you have undertaken all the steps mentioned above.

If you encounter any problems while completing the test, please contact support by e-mail at: for additional information. Please note that when you contact our technical support, you must identify yourself (name, code, phone number, selection process, and a brief description of the problem encountered). Subsequently, a member of the support team will contact you within a reasonable timeframe.

In order to assist you in the event that you encounter technical difficulties, our Technical Support Team will be available during the following hours:

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Completing the Online Test

Once you have received your access code, it will be valid and will allow you to complete your Online Test.

Expect the following period of time to complete the test: two (2) hours and thirty (30) minutes.

The time allotted to complete the test is not divisible. As such, you must ensure that you have sufficient time to complete the exam. If you are not able to complete the test within the prescribed timeline, you may be disqualified from this selection process.Please refer to the section entitled «What to do if you are disconnected» if you get disconnected from your online assessment.

The test is divided into three (3) distinct parts:

Please note that you must complete Part I before moving on to Part II. When the time expires or when you choose to move on to the second part, you will not be able to go back to Part I. Also, please note that if there is still time remaining in Part I, it will not be added to the second part of the assessment.

Once part I and II are completed, you will have to return to the access code page ( to enter your second access code in order to complete Part III which will assess your second language. Therefore, if you need to change the language of your keyboard for the purpose of this assessment, ensure that you do so prior to beginning Part III.


  1. Go to the following website:
  2. Enter the access code related to the test you would like to complete (this was provided to you in the e-mail that was sent to you).
  3. Confirm your identity.
    Information about your day / month of birth and your SIN will be incorrect. Please ignore this information.
  4. Enter the required information (you are not required to answer all questions asked) and go straight to the instructions page.
  5. Read the instructions carefully and complete your test.
  6. Once finished, you will automatically be redirected to the access code page.

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Postponing of the evaluation / Special arrangements requests

POSTPONING OF THE EVALUATION: If you are unable to complete the evaluation within the dates mentioned above, please let us know by sending an email to the following address: In view of the difficulties the postponement of the assessment entails, the tests will not be extended unless the circumstance is exceptional and verifiable (e.g., travel / non-refundable training or medical condition). In the event that you are unable to write the exam on the scheduled dates, without having provided us with an exceptional and verifiable reason, we will conclude that you have withdrawn your application from this process.

SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS: If you have any health or physical limitations, which may adversely affect your performance during any phase of the selection process, please advise us so that we may make appropriate arrangements. If you need special measures under consideration (because of learning disabilities or visual or hearing impairment, e.g.) please notify us by sending an email to following address: before taking part in your assessment.